SmartStash Podcast EP 3 and 4

After Saskia told us all about the SmartStash Teams app and her love of tidying up in the second episode, she talks to SmartStash product manager Sergio Campisi about the ideal knowledge management process in the third episode, before the fourth episode focuses in particular on the genesis of SmartStash as well as the possible uses in the manufacturing industry [...]

SmartStash Version Update 1.7

Rough overview of the new features of the release update 1.7: Usability improvements Performance improvements Design improvements New functions and features Bug fixes The news module is the biggest innovation of this SmartStash release. Due to this innovation, there are now two types of "stashes": Stash for Knowledge Management Stash for News The main differences between these two stashes are accordingly the types of [...]

SmartStash Podcast - Sorting knowledge according to Marie Kondo

Home ' news The SmartStash Podcast Our experts talk about the parallels between manual and digital tidying and why SmartStash is "superior". SmartStash Podcast II - Sorting knowledge according to Marie Kondo digital Konmari, "too much or too little", topics of the heart and cluttered desktops This episode is all about the Teams App [...]

SmartStash version update to 1.6

The slogan of a famous DIY store was once "There's always something to do." - This is also true for us and the constant further development of SmartStash. We have briefly summarised the highlights of the latest version update 1.6 for you here and are of course happy to show them in a small demo!

SmartStash Podcast

Home ' news The SmartStash Podcast Our experts report for you on topics from and about SmartStash from everyday work and give helpful tips and tricks for using the SharePoint Online Add-On. The SmartStash Podcast SmartStash Knowledge Management Podcast - FOLGE I Silke: Hello! Welcome to our podcast. I have two experts here today from [...]

Intranet and SmartStash

Knowledge management should not be siloed but transparent and accessible to all. So what better place to integrate than your company's global intranet portal? If you already have a SharePoint Online intranet (it's worth it!) - then it's easy to embed the MyStash on the homepage. In [...]

Version update to 1.5

In addition to numerous usability improvements, the new version also contains completely new options for the design of the Stash entry pages. To make room for the new designs of the Stash overview, the menu bar has been slightly adjusted and we have parted with the very dominant display of read and unread posts in the Stash. This is now smaller [...]

SmartStash vs. SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online already includes a large amount of functionality that is very useful for generating and distributing digital content. Why should I use SmartStash as an add-on for SharePoint Online? SmartStash offers a growing set of features that complement SharePoint in all the right places. The management and distribution of individual knowledge content, the adherence to [...]