SmartStash - perfectly integrated into the manufacturing industry

Use SmartStash as a digital integrated management system and save yourself many individual tools for the various requirements of your certification process. One system - embedded in your digital workplace - and always mobile.

The typical challenges in the manufacturing industry

  • You must be certified in all standards relevant in the manufacturing industry
  • Your processes and documentation are available, but distributed across different places in the company
  • Different tools and special software for different certification steps have to be learned and managed
  • Keeping information up to date and distributing it to staff is cumbersome
  • The audit process always demands a lot of time and effort

SmartStash offers you the solution

With SmartStash, you not only get a customised knowledge management tool - but through the integration into the digital Microsoft 365 cosmos - an integrated workplace that combines everything you need for the seamless digitalisation of your processes under one roof. Get an overview of how SmartStash makes it easy for you to implement your customised integrated management system with standard functions - or individual extensions.

Document control

ISO-compliant document control allows you to distribute release processes, read receipts, update processes and notifications of important changes to specific target groups.

Standards subscription

Stay up to date with the standards subscription and automatically receive the latest compliance conditions directly into your system and notification of important changes.

Management functions

In addition to central information management, our add-on modules enable the management of other aspects such as audits and audit protocols, measures and management assessments.


By accessing the same structures and data, it is easy to unite all management systems in one world and control them together without duplicating data. Through granular permissions, everyone can take on exactly the role they need and are allowed to take on in the process.

Office365 Integration

Use SmartStash in combination with the other functions from Office365 and thus directly cover further functions such as - e-learning, employee suggestion system, customer complaint system, interfaces to third-party systems and much more!

Expertise made to measure

Are you restructuring or planning to introduce and plan an integrated management system for the first time? Benefit from the expertise of our consultants and let us support you professionally during the introduction - no matter whether it is about planning the architecture, processes or the qualification of your employees.

From the field: QM manual with SmartStash

Do you need a structured filing system to record documents and processes, keep them up-to-date and distribute them to the right target groups? Do you need to be certified according to ISO 9001?

Say goodbye to dusty folder structures on the fileshare, huge Excel folders and complicated email-based approval processes. Push the finished information from your collaboration environment (for example Microsoft Teams or OneDrive) directly into QM Stash. The taxonomy functions allow you to link each document directly to the corresponding chapters.

You can also assign further tags - for example, topics, roles or locations where the information is valid. This way, everyone can find the information that is relevant to them.

Through the direct integration into the Microsoft 365 world, you can access further great functions - such as document encryption or seamless versioning. This way, even with frequent changes, you always keep track of who adapted what and when.

Your Stash home page is divided directly according to the chapters of ISO 9001:2015 and offers an easy entry point

Curious about how SmartStash can help your industry?

Contact us and we will be happy to show you all the important functions in a personal demonstration - remotely, of course!

Knowledge for all - not just for the files

The personal dashboard "MyStash" brings knowledge directly to the users. With the Microsoft Teams integration, there is direct notification of innovations or changes to information, policies or processes - even on the smartphone!

Stop letting work instructions gather dust in different places - use one and the same system for all those involved in the knowledge management process. Because even good quality, environmental, energy or occupational safety management thrives on the fact that the knowledge is present among the employees, improvements are perceived and are directly transferred into everyday life.

What is the point of documenting valuable process knowledge only for the auditor? Prepare the information directly in such a way that each user derives the greatest added value from his point of view.

Are you with us?


The circle of "knowers" does not simply include customers, but partners & friends who strive for the same vision as we do: To let knowledge flourish naturally in the company!

In doing so, all parties rely on a trusting and long-term partnership.

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