ONLINE-WORKSHOP: Modern Knowledge Management with M365

Modern and value-adding knowledge management goes far beyond the use of SharePoint Online, Teams and Co. We will show you - on May 31 from 10 am - how to do it right!

Ensure the greatest possible availability

Whether in the home office, at the workplace, on the production floor, on the PC or smartphone, in the SharePoint intranet or in Microsoft Teams!

Target groups
Inform the important target groups

SmartStash helps you put knowledge in the right places and make sure everyone knows what they need to know.

Knowledge management
Experience living knowledge management

SmartStash takes care of process compliance and automation, so you can focus on developing knowledge in peace.

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Knowledge management at the cutting edge - seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365. SmartStash is the ecosystem that makes the knowledge management process easier for everyone involved. With the goal of making valuable corporate knowledge available to the right people - without exception.


Available everywhere and seamlessly integrated into the digital workplace - completely without knowledge silos


Make information easy to find and proactively delivered to the right target groups


Automatic versioning and easy traceability of changes


Create, design, and distribute content to colleagues easily and intuitively


Access and easily consume from anywhere and with any device


Technically up to date in terms of security, availability and compliance through Microsoft 365

SmartStash solves typical problems in everyday knowledge management in companies

Do you recognize this scene? There is never time to write things down properly. Maintaining outdated wiki software is exhausting and time-consuming. Different versions of the same instruction or information can move around. It is never clear whether important information is equally available to all employees and whether they find it and thus internalise it.

The dilemma with knowledge


... is scattered in many places in small morsels

... cannot be found when you need it

... is not effectively distributed to specific individuals

... is simply overlooked

... is forgotten


... waste a lot of time trying to find the right information

... do not know which information is current

... are misinformed or not informed at all

... do not have retroactive access to information when it is new

This leads to frustration!

A thirst for knowledge instead of a frustration with knowledge!

Unbridled employee motivation

There is no need to learn how to use SmartStash. The app integrates seamlessly into the Office 365 work routine, which is why acceptance of the new software is much higher.

Compliance management

The optional one- or two-step approval process and tracking of an employee's awareness guarantees adherence to existing compliance requirements.

Microsoft Security

Encryption, data protection, data security, compliance: Microsoft does everything it can to ensure that data is safe in the cloud. There is no safer place for a company's knowledge and information management.

Intuitive rights-role system

The simple and centralized rights-role system allows granular control of who can write, read, approve and configure which area. Without SharePoint admin knowledge.

Do not overlook relevant information

Various display and notification and reminder functions ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Knowledge and collaboration

Integration with Microsoft Teams puts knowledge where employees are and also reduces the inhibition to update information on the fly.

Curious about how SmartStash can help your business?

Simply request more information about our app via the form. We will also be happy to present all functions to you in a personal demonstration - remotely, of course!

What makes SmartStash different?

SmartStash is more than a process-driven file storage system! SmartStash is an integrated knowledge management system that motivates your employees to communicate with each other and share their knowledge. Don't control documents - control information in any form - and keep track of it to make sure it gets to where it's needed.

All functions are geared towards collecting, reviewing, qualifying and consuming knowledge relevant to the company, whether within the team, or with the management system owner.

In addition, SmartStash is based on the modern user interface of SharePoint Online. No other web interface can be so easily and intuitively operated and filled with content without any knowledge of web design.

SharePoint Online already comes with many useful features? That's right. However, these are pure basic tools that only become a real knowledge management platform with a lot of work. SmartStash already brings everything important and much more! See for yourself in the comparison of SharePoint Online without and with SmartStash Add-On.


The circle of "knowers" does not simply include customers, but partners & friends who strive for the same vision as we do: To let knowledge flourish naturally in the company!

See for yourself what some of our customers love about SmartStash:


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