SmartStash introductory packages

Manage your knowledge management project in small packages or roll it out company-wide for all departments. We can help you assess which package is right for you.

The SmartStash packages at a glance

The good thing about our many years of experience is that we can deliver certain types of projects to specific target groups. This has resulted in three different packages, which are based on the maturity level of your company and your project.

Demo / PoC package

The quick start: The small package for a department, a special use case or the SmartStash software test in your own tenant

Knowledge management package

Consulting project and introduction of SmartStash for a specific organizational area and/or a defined use case / pilot, including strategic documentation, management summary and role-based user training

Enterprise Level Introduction

Comprehensive consulting project with introduction of SmartStash for the entire company (not just for one department), including strategic documentation, management summary and role-based user training as well as the planning and introduction of a knowledge management culture with long-term support

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The demo / PoC package

1. installation and configuration

SmartStash is made available in your tenant* and initial configurations are made for the two-month test phase

2. workshops and presentation

In two consecutive workshop modules, you will learn how to work with SmartStash and get to know important tips and tricks for using the software. You can place your individual use cases during the workshop.

3. support and supervision

During the two-month test phase, our contacts will be available to clarify any questions and challenges that arise and to impart knowledge.

The prerequisite for a quick start with the demo/PoC package is an existing Microsoft 365 tenant including SharePoint Online.

The knowledge management package

The knowledge management package comprises the same project steps as the demo/PoC package. However, the knowledge management package is expanded to include the following additional services:

1. development of application cases / use cases

Joint development of use cases - with the help of our proven use case matrix - which flow directly into the pilot

2. extended test period of 4 months in total

In addition to workshops to qualify users, the four-month test/pilot phase includes regular coordination meetings to impart knowledge, harmonize requirements and fine-tune the environment

3. evaluation and further roll-outs

On completion of the project, you will receive the final documentation of the configurations, decisions and working methods, as well as a review of the project. This is followed by coordination for further follow-up projects, services or roll-outs with other specialist departments.

The Enterprise Level Introduction

The introduction of knowledge management at enterprise level requires specific, precisely planned project steps, which vary greatly depending on the company and industry. Our experience has shown that it is extremely important to get to know your company as well as possible before starting a project and to understand your workflows and processes. Only then can the project be planned in a sensible and structured way and implemented successfully.

If you have such a project in mind, let us get to know you right at the beginning.

Are you interested in one of the SmartStash packages?

In an initial consultation with our experts, you can find out whether SmartStash is suitable for your application. The 30-minute expert consultation is free of charge for you.

SmartStash consulting project and introduction

If you opt for SmartStash, you can look forward to six well-planned and structured project modules in which we take you by the hand.


Collect content and use cases and create a vision


Extract content, prioritize and define the scope


Define content types and metadata and create structures


Set up structures in the system, train the pilot team and get started


Comparison of use cases and system, configuration fine-tuning


Training of further editors & end users, go-live

Throughout the six project steps, we support you with the necessary change measures.

You would like to establish knowledge management in your company for the first time?

Our experienced and certified Modern Work and Change consultants are not only available for training and setting up SmartStash, but also accompany the introduction of completely new digital knowledge processes, roles and a modern culture in the company if required. Contact us.