SmartStash vs. SharePoint Online

The comparison: Which functions does SharePoint Online already provide and which useful, additional functions do you get with SmartStash?

SharePoint Online already includes a large amount of functionality that is very useful for generating and distributing digital content. Why should I use SmartStash as an add-on for SharePoint Online?

SmartStash offers a growing set of features that complement SharePoint in the right places. The management and distribution of individual knowledge content, the adherence to compliance requirements and the simplified set-up and management of the environment are absolutely in the foreground.

Below you will find a detailed overview of the functions that SharePoint comes with and which you only get additionally with SmartStash.

General functions for content and document management


SharePoint without SmartStash

SharePoint with SmartStash


Change tracking with notifications

Customisable email templates

Direct editing possible

Intelligent search and full text search

Listing of all contents as a glossary

Listing of all contents according to chapters

Listing of all contents via process tiles to "click through".

Flexible and simple rights and role system

Individual information architecture possible

Management system and workflows


SharePoint without SmartStash

SharePoint with SmartStash

Automatic test and release process

Standard-compliant document control

Standard-compliant versioning in the one- or two-stage approval process

Integrated task management for checks and approvals

Determine binding nature of information

Recommend information to specific target groups

Exportable evaluations of open processes

Exportable evaluations of outstanding and executed read receipts

Administration delegable

Adjustable reminders for unread posts

Usability and user-friendliness


SharePoint without SmartStash

SharePoint with SmartStash

Uniform and easy to learn interface

See all important information about the article automatically at a glance

Highlighting individual texts through boxes with their own headings

Integrate notes in highlight colour in articles

Dynamic table of contents for longer article pages

Quick search and fast filtering by topics and categories

Structuring text boxes with accordion elements

Exportable evaluations of open processes

Favourites function

Personal Dashboard

Teams Integration (Tab and App)

Teams Notifications via Bot and Chat Push



Fully supported / included

Partially possible / associated with very great effort or diversions

Not possible

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