SmartStash Release Update 1.8

In the course of the IMS update for SmartStash, some new features flow into the quality assurance with the release update 1.8.

New SmartStash functions

In the course of the IMS update for SmartStash, some new features flow into the quality assurance with the release update 1.8. But also the interface was partly revised and simplified for use. This also includes usability updates of existing web parts, such as the page layout and limitation in MyStash.

Brand new restructured admin center

The admin center has gained some functionality through previous release updates. Now it was time to clean up and restructure the center to make it as easy as possible to use - especially for stash configuration. Besides the new and modern design, the Admincenter is from now on also completely available in German.

Update check for articles and guided documents

In the course of compliance management, it is essential to keep information up-to-date. To ensure that no outdated information is overlooked in the future, it is possible to automatically give each article or managed document an expiration date. Persons responsible for the article are informed before this date is reached and are given a task to check if it is up to date.

If a check cannot be carried out promptly, the contribution will be marked as expired.

For the sake of simplicity, the validity period of an article can be extended directly in the release center.

The Admincenter has been extended with regard to these functions by an evaluation area for the actuality check.

Organization and Role Manager

The organizational structure can be displayed independently of an organizational chart and independently of the "Manager" attribute. The new web part can be used flexibly and is completely mobile-compatible. As a result, you can display an arbitrarily deeply nested representation with tiles, staff positions, roles and team members.

The resulting hierarchy levels, with persons and responsibilities, are maintained in the SmartStash Admincenter and terminology store of SharePoint. Existing attributes help with the creation or you define the structure completely freely yourself.

A separate web part lists all roles with descriptions and centrally defined roles can be linked to other topics in the organization chart.

Theme browser and "More info" on themes

All tags available in the terminology store are now listed hierarchically in the new topic webpart. This makes it very easy to navigate through all available topics - regardless of whether there is already content for them. It helps to understand the topics first and then use them for content.

Usability updates for MyStash, tile view and co.

The "MyStash" is available in the new "Light Style" which allows more information at a glance. You can set individually how many elements are displayed per page in the new view.

In addition, the MyStash can be limited to a number of posts per page, so that the web part does not grow uncontrollably larger and larger with many posts. Which in turn reduces the loading time, and improves the clarity.

Optimally tiled

Due to the new multiple assignments of the filter options, the tile and list view can be used from different perspectives at the same time. So you don't have to limit yourself to just one topic tree anymore.

Last but not least

The filter has received an Advanced mode, which allows to narrow down certain filters (combinations), file types, stashes, contacts, and more. This way, user-defined queries can be pre-filtered by criteria - such as a specific tag - via the overview webpart.

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