Knowledge management with SmartStash at Schüco International KG

Following the successful introduction of Microsoft 365 by Fellowmind at Schüco International KG, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM domain) department at Schüco was looking for a knowledge management solution. They were looking for a tool that would increase efficiency in knowledge management and facilitate the handling of knowledge articles.

SmartStash Podcast EP 5 and 6

Home ' Podcast The SmartStash Podcast - from IMS and Intranet Our experts* talk about why it is necessary to prepare knowledge in a structured way and why knowledge management is relevant for IMS. SmartStash Podcast Episode 5 - The Integrated (Knowledge) Management System all kinds of integrated systems, ISO standards and synergy effects Summary: In the fifth episode, Saskia had Klaus-Oliver Welsow - [...]

SmartStash Podcast EP 3 and 4

After Saskia told us all about the SmartStash Teams app and her love of tidying up in the second episode, she talks to SmartStash product manager Sergio Campisi about the ideal knowledge management process in the third episode, before the fourth episode focuses in particular on the genesis of SmartStash as well as the possible uses in the manufacturing industry [...]

SmartStash Podcast - Sorting knowledge according to Marie Kondo

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SmartStash Podcast

Home ' Podcast The SmartStash Podcast Our experts report for you on topics from and about SmartStash from everyday work and give helpful tips and tricks for using the SharePoint Online Add-On. The SmartStash Podcast SmartStash Knowledge Management Podcast - FOLGE I Silke: Hello! Welcome to our podcast. I have two experts here today from [...]