Customer reference impacx

Home ' Customer Reference Digital Service Provider for a Special Customer Experience With SmartStash, we introduced a digital knowledge management solution to map and simplify customer service processes. Challenge Improve and restructure digital knowledge management Technology Microsoft 365 with SmartStash as knowledge management and service platform Result An information and knowledge database for impacx digital customer experience service Digital knowledge management [...]

Knowledge management with SmartStash at Schüco International KG

Following the successful introduction of Microsoft 365 by Fellowmind at Schüco International KG, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM domain) department at Schüco was looking for a knowledge management solution. They were looking for a tool that would increase efficiency in knowledge management and facilitate the handling of knowledge articles.

Customer Reference Cooking Spoon

Home ' Customer Reference Modern knowledge distribution for the franchise industry For the implementation of modernized communication, Kochlöffel GmbH opted for an intranet with integrated knowledge management using SmartStash. Challenge Protected data must be secured by assigned permissions Technology Intranet with integrated knowledge management Result An information and knowledge management system with SmartStash specifically tailored to the requirements of [...]