Knowledge management in the company

Remote work has now become part of everyday working life, and this trend will continue in the future. The market research institute Gartner, for example, expects mobile working to increase to 48 percent by 2030. It is hardly surprising that this will have an impact on the way we work: According to another study, 81 percent of employees in the [...]

Knowledge Management News

With this topic, you could think they've gone crazy! What does news - which is usually only valid for a certain period of time - have to do with knowledge management? Actually more than you might think! Especially in combination. SmartStash offers this feature for several good reasons. But first, we'll show you how [...]

Individual authorizations for articles and managed documents

You probably already know that a stash may be necessary per department, per location, or due to other company structures. Like for example different management areas: Quality Management, Environmental Management or Risk Management. Access to each Stash is done via permissions of groups or individuals. Only within the employees / groups authorized for the Stash, they can create managed audiences. [...]